Hey! btw Assalamualaikum you alls,  You know what? I'm done with my bf. Everything is over act i dont know why but it's okay im fine, i cant survive my self without him. I'm strong really really strong hahaha. Ya a lots of memories between me and him but its a memory in our relationship and now its means nothing. Past is past life must move on dont look back, when you look back absolutely you will be sad and want him back. Trust me :) memory still in my mind, its hard to forget but i will try to forget evrything about him. hehe im done delete all thing texting, whatsapp, wechat, picture. yeahhh! FREEDOM!!!!1 IM FREEDOM BABEEEEEEE..............................

One more thing, dia cakap dia dah taknak contact dengan kita, What the Sad Llife babe? babi tak babi hahahaha geram tu memang lah geram but never mind orang taknak nak terhegeh-hegeh buat apa kan? one day dia yg akan rugi dah dapat sebaik wa ni yg setia selama dua tahun lebih pun nak tinggalkan, toyol toyol~ he should accept me who i am, dont blame me at all talking too much, make promises everytime. Wanna married me one day, an now? its over mcm haremmm hahaha. Should i give him middle finger or what? but its okay i still love you as my ex boyfried domt worry kahkahkah. xoxo

 15 July 2013